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Similar to death cookiesbut bigger. Synonyms: wipeout. Now used to describe any uneven pedaling motion. Also used as a synonym for pogo-ing. Might possibly be considered offensive by certain owners of said bikes.


These people don't know why their bike always breaks, and often would rather buy new parts than keep their bike in good condition. As MUDs date tothis use of the term may possibly predate later uses. Called "clipless" because they replaced toe clips. The other distinguishing characteristics of Heirlooms are that they have no real level requirement and their properties scale with character level, making them usable by and useful to all characters equally regardless of level.

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Example: Hey man are you staying out all night tonight?' 'Not unless you can hook me up with. Similar to spider patrol.

Etymology[ edit ] There are several possible etymologies for the word. Some games such as Borderlands 2 feature an in-game method of transferring items between characters on the same. While a game's developers may not consider these tactics to be outright exploitation of the underlying game engine, often these tactics are ' nerfed ' in some way in order to discourage twinking, such as removing, repositioning, or gfar the effectiveness of certain items within the game to make the progression more linear between players.

World of Warcraft includes items that are specifically intended to make twinking more viable slzng less disruptive.

Iraq’s battlefield slang

See also chi-chi. These twinked characters would then return to low-level PvP areas to fight ificantly disadvantaged opponents. A slang term used for the drug methamphetamine in Australia. The character can also attempt to obtain the best possible item per equipment slot available to that specific Whwt.

WoW further reduced twinking in Battlegrounds player-versus-player combat arenas by awarding experience points for Battleground victories, so that as PvP characters gain experience, they also gain levels and gezr become disqualified from lower-level brackets. New players as well as low level players in the battleground bracket were often at a severe disadvantage in games that fielded numerous twinks.

In its most basic definition, a twink is a character with better gear than one could have easily acquired on one's own. Gear definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. As of February 9,WoW brackets 15—19, 20—24, and 70—74 are the only full-time active brackets with 70—74 being the largest[ citation needed ] Level brackets were also split in half, so there are separate Whaf 10—14 and 15—19 brackets instead of a single bracket and so on through the higher brackets.

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These items belong to the "Heirloom" rarity class us have a of unique characteristics. Thus, players only compete against other players who are closer in level to themselves. Term used in biking, skiing, and snow boarding. This enables the twink to more easily farm for Honor Points The in-game currency used to purchase weapons and armour for PvP combat in player versus player battlegrounds by permanently remaining at the highest playable level for their battleground bracket e.

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On the MUD Sojournwhich several creators of EverQuest played, "twink" was alternately used to refer to powerleveling and metagaming. Countermeasures[ edit ] Many games have item restrictions that prevent low-level characters from using higher-level items and upsetting game balance ; in Diablo II and The Lord of the Rings Onlinemost items require a minimum ability score or level to equip. Another gearr of twinking can be found in the MMORPG Anarchy Online where twinking is performed by geaf base stats using items stat buffing weapons, armour and laddering implants laddering is a method by which the character equips higher implants by climbing quality levels one by one as one does, a ladder.

It may bear have been derived from a single source, instead evolving from multiple convergent usages. Look it up now! This practice became so Wat that the Guild Wars development team introduced a patch prohibiting characters with high-level armor entering beginner arenas. This is done in Borderlands through a storage container located in the game's central hub, allowing up to four items to be stored and retrieved by any of the player's characters.

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Useful for clearing obstructions, sllang as curbs, potholes, logs. It is common for twinking items to be traded at good values due to persistent demand.

What is gear slang

See rookie mark. Many new players dislike twinking of others' characters, since it gives a big advantage to established players starting a new character. In other online RPGs, such as Dark Soulstwinking can be done through a few methods, including gaining the help of other players who are at a higher level in order spang have them clear content before it should be accessible, memorizing the locations of particular powerful items, and utilizing very specific strategies to advance further in the storyline than should otherwise be possible.


Their most unusual attribute is that they bind to a player's rather than the character, allowing them to be handed down from higher-level characters to lower-level ones but prohibiting them from being transferred from veteran players to new players. In addition to heirlooms, World of Warcraft also includes an option whereby a character may pay 10 gold to disable experience-gain and thereby maintain a specific level. See prune.

What is gear slang

gear in the Drug culture topic by Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE | What you need to know about Drug culture: words, phrases and. BSG n. Twinking is typically done by transferring WWhat equipment from the player's or their friend's more-experienced characters who often have excess gear that would be much more useful to the lower-level character.

What is gear slang

The gay-slang usage of "twink" has been suggested as a likely origin. Twinking was once very common in the CORPG Guild Warswhen players would have their low-level characters taken by high-level characters to end-game areas to obtain the best armor, weapons, and skills available Different terms are used to describe this action: being "carried through", "Pushed through", "boosted", "getting a boost".

It was not an alternate name for powerleveling, but could be used as a method of powerleveling. Wouldn't be caught dead using LX level parts or wearing a pair of Nashbar shorts. By competing at the highest level allowed in the battleground bracket, and equipped with the best possible gear, twinks played with a ificant advantage over regular players. Derived from the term for after-market bicycle parts that are literally bolted on.

What is gear slang

Usually the result of a novice spud -user failing to clip out in time. Similar to death cookiesbut bigger.

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This has a more direct effect on game play, especially in any game which involves online player-versus-player PvP combat such as Dark Souls, as the result can be two players who appear to be evenly matched on the surface being vastly unbalanced in terms of items or weaponry available to them. Once a high-stat buffing item is equipped, it stays equipped even if the stats required to initially equip it decline or wear off, though a penalty can be applied if the base stats fall too far below the equipping requirements.

RPGs[ edit ] In role-playing video gamesparticularly MMORPGstwinking refers to outfitting a new character or player with items or other resources that are not normally available to new or low-level characters. Might possibly be considered offensive by certain owners of said bikes.

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