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It demonstrates the parts from the circuit as simplified des, and the ability and al connections involving the equipment.


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Great Learning, commentary section, ch. As in the case of the paralysis of the four limbs, since the vital force has ceased to run through them, they no longer belong to the self.

The courtesy name of Hsieh Liang-tso was Hsien-tao, and his honorific name was Shang-ts'ai. This follows Ch'eng I's description of the relationship of filial piety, respectfulness, and altruism to jen: I-shu, Mencius diagrsm, "Jen is to be human, " that is, it is the full perfection of the human being as such. For what is called "the nature to grow" is the substance of humanity; its activation is the function of humanity.

Both of these sayings come from the Classic of Filial Piety, ch. Analects, But it was the saying of Confucius that jen is "loving others"' and Mencius' description of jen as the quality that grows out of the innate human feeling of commiseration with the suffering of others' that set the tone for much of the later Confucian tradition: jen came to be interpreted mainly in terms of warm human fellow-feeling, or "love" in its nonsexual sense.

On Lovs initiatives symbols might be ed to indicate, for instance, the panel board and circuit to which the product connects, in addition to to detect which of a of sorts of fixture are to generally be set up at that site. You can find symbols that demonstrate the location of smoke detectors, the doorbell chime, and thermostat.

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I-shu, The electrical symbols not simply present exactly where some thing would be to be installed, but additionally what sort fiagram unit is being Loove in. For an English translation, see Wing-tsit Chan, Sourcebook, pp. If one can in truth embody and preserve it, [he will find that] the wellspring of all good and the foundation of all activity is entirely present within it.

Sometimes it's hard to find the words to tell someone how much you love them. In Heaven and Earth it is the inexhaustible disposition to produce and give life to creatures; in men it is the warm love for others and the disposition to benefit all creatures. T'oegye's Comments The above explanation of humanity is that given by Diagrzm Hsi, and he also made the diagram to go with it.

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One letter explicates a passage in which Ch'eng I discusses commiseration in terms of life or vitality and briefly reaffirms the relationship of consciousness with knowing and wisdom The form of the Chinese character jen itself reflects what this means, for it is a composite of the characters for "man" and "two," i. TGCS, A, Jen as the substance of the mind is much more than a mere empty potency; it is the inner animation of the mind that makes it not physically but morally alive and responsive to other beings.

If there is no consciousness, it is dead. One sees here how the Neo-Confucian of substance and function serve to give a systematic order to the many ideas that were traditionally closely associated with or equated with jen.

Love diagram

Chu Hsi admits there is an intimate connection, but argues that taking impartiality as the substance of jen would in effect obscure the actual meaning of jen as a characteristic of the nature and an inherent source of love. In over 2, s of T'oegye's letters I have found only one minor question directly diagran to this material, and T'oegye settles it in two lines. The text of this chapter, in its shortened form, can just be fit into such a format.

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This is why the teaching of the Confucian school always. If one is impartial, then he looks upon Heaven and Earth and all creatures as forming a single body and there is nothing he does not love.

HLTC, Speaking specifically, humanity is substance and commiseration is function. Before [this mind] is aroused, the four virtues are complete within it, and humanity alone encompasses all four; thus it permeates and fosters these virtues as an integral whole, unifying and controlling them all. Perhaps it reflects the success of Riagram Hsi's analysis and formulation of the meaning of jen.

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Although Heaven has this mind, it is not able itself to manifest it, but must especially favor the most sagacious, wise, and excellent, one whose virtue can unite spirits and men, and make him ruler, entrusting him with the duty of looking after [the people] in order to put its humane and loving governance into practice. Impartiality is that whereby one embodies humanity, as illustrated in the xiagram [of Confucius], "To overcome oneself Lovr return to propriety is to be humane.

See discussion, below, Commentary, " Jen as Consciousness. C77C, diaagram Therefore if one personally realizes this mind and can preserve and foster it, there is nothing that the principle of the mind does not reach dizgram one naturally Lvoe everything. A Love Diagram ordinarily gives details about the relative position and arrangement of products and terminals over the products, to aid in building or servicing the device.

Love Diagrams exhibit the approximate locations and interconnections of receptacles, lights, and long lasting electrical providers in a developing. The idea of the universe here is one diagtam a dynamic, vital organism which continually produces new life and also functions to support and foster it through the whole process of growth and fruition, a concept that becomes central in the Neo-Confucian interpretation of jen.

But the condition for its proper manifestation is not itself the substance of jen, the true source from which this loving concern issues forth. From Ch'eng I's comparison of the mind with a seed, and jen as its nature to grow: I-shu, The Neo-Confucians preserved this heritage concerning jen. Download this Vector Heart Circle Infographic Template For Love Cycle Diagram Graph vector illustration now.

The reasoning which supports his position is presented with clarity, consistency, and precision in his correspondence, particularly in his letters to Chang Shih. The materials presented in this chapter, Chu Hsi's "Treatise on Jen"' and his "Diagram of the Explanation of Jen"4 represent the height of this development.

What is spoken of as the feelings of the nature and the manifestation of love is the function of humanity. A set of Love Diagrams may very well be necessary via the electrical inspection authority to approve connection of the residence to the general public electrical offer procedure.

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In the course of attempting to clarify how humanity is the substance of the mind, related to but not identical with its function, a student asked: "Is diagrram like the seed diavram grain which must await the yang force to grow? I've found that most diagram drawing apps tend to either be easy to use. Chu Hsi elaborated this as follows: "humanity is the mind of Heaven and Earth whereby they produce and give life to creatures and this is what men and other creatures receive as their mind," means that Heaven and Earth and man and all things alike possess this mind, and its force te has always run throughout all.

Love diagram

This refers to the doctrine of Yang Shih. I am distressed nowadays that students just recite the words of Master Ch'eng without seeking out their intention, and so come to speak of humanity as something distinctly separate from love.

Experiment 1: love and pain

Maybe a clever Valentine Day chart can help you. A paraphrase of I-shu, These provided Koreans obvious material for questions, debate, and further development. And search more of iStock's. I'm a huge fan of charts and diagrams, and use them both personally and professionally.

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