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By Raven Ishak Aug. You can depend on and take care of each other without feeling judged or used.


Their first impulse may be selfishnessbut they can learn to modify their approach.

Being selfish in a relationship

So why exactly is it so easy to be selfish in relationships sometimes? Maybe you're their first legitimate SO in a while, or even ever, so they may not be used to compromising in a romantic relationship. Romance is put off because the needs of one person takes over the other. You Need To Be In Control All The Time Being selfish means things always have to be your way and you have to control every aspect of everything that happens in your life, especially your partner's life, too.

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You think you know what's best for you and your partner without talking to them first. This isn't healthy. It's important to remember that to have a healthy, loving relationship, you and your partner should try to be thoughtful of each other's feelings. But sometimes it's easy to show qualities of selfishness without even realizing it. Instead of getting help for these issues, they sometimes overcompensate selfisg it. Selfish people tend to do the opposite by putting their needs first.

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It can cause resentment and animosity. Being selfish is all about 'I' and not 'we,' which is what a relationship is built upon. And if you ignore your SO's wishes and thoughts, then that might be a key that you're selfish. "If you feel your partner is being selfish — they are not taking into ever, so they may not be used to compromising in a romantic relationship.

It is quite possible that while they are being selfish, they may also have blinders on and may not even realize that you are concerned or [that] they are hurting you. If you do this, you don't consider their goals or thoughts and only want what you think is best. But just because your partner doesn't know how to compromise, doesn't mean they can't learn to. You're Rarely Happy For Your Partner If your partner's happiness isn't one of your top priorities, then your relationship might be doomed.

Take it slow, communicate with your partner and apologize if you feel like your behavior has gotten out of control.

There are a couple things he suggests trying to work on with your partner before ending your relationship. Maybe it's the way they never compromise on anything — whether it's the restaurants you go to or how you spend your weekends, it's always what they want.

Rhodes says. TessinaPhD, in an interview with Bustle over. Not showing empathy could mean you're not willing to think about how they're feeling relationsihp they're dealing with a tough situation. They put blame on their partner and think they're always right. Selfishness can "come out of a lack of understanding and experience about relationships, compromise, and sharing," Dr. Yes, I will be selfish at times.

Being selfish in a relationship

When you're figuring out what to say to your partner, Armstrong recommends having concrete examples of times that you felt your boo could've compromised at least a littleand they didn't. If you are always taking and not giving back, this is a of selfishness," says Opperman.

I started working towards building a career i loved and felt proud of.

This could lead to resentment, which could selrish the relationship. If the two of you can have a productive conversation about it, the selfish behavior is less concerning. Trust your partner to make decisions too," says Opperman. That means, each of you cares both about yourselves and about each other.

5 behaviors selfish people display in a relationship

If your partner is selfish, they may have more to work on than you do, but a relationship is a partnership. Sflfish can depend on and take care of each other without feeling judged or used. You can change your habits if you truly want to so your relationship can become healthier.

Being selfish in a relationship

Overall dating a selfish person can lead to hurt, disappointment, and resentment. You Expect Your Partner To Change Felationship might be acting selfish in a relationship if you're expecting your partner to change their personality and habits to match your wants and needs. “the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn.” “the state of being despised; honor; disgrace.” In other​.

Being selfish in a relationship

This is a huge red flag," says Opperman. These could be s that you're being selfish in your relationship. To make a relationship flourish, it's important to find a healthy balance where neither of you take advantage of each other.

Being selfish in a relationship

Klapow states. While relayionship important to not be co-dependent on your partner and have your own life and goals, you shouldn't have the final say in every decision or never respect the needs of your partner.

S you're being selfish in a relationship

Everyone's different, and that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes people need to see what it means to lose the effort of their partner in order Beinf understand how it feels. Your partner will probably appreciate your honesty and work with you to improve the relationship. Being selfish in a romantic relationship can really affect the dynamic between you and your partner.

But it will also make me a better partner.

Rhodes suggests making the focus of the conversation something that personally affected you. You Act Impulsively You might show s of selfishness if you act impulsively. Images: Pexels.

I picked up old hobbies i let fall to the wayside over the years.

Have an open mind about what your sekfish wants so you can become less selfish and more flexible. It's Beiny Way Or The Highway "Every time [your partner has] a discussion with [you], [they] end up doing whatever [you] want to do, and give up on [their] own happiness," says Opperman. You're Not Flexible Relationships are usually all about compromise, but you can't have a healthy relationship if you're not flexible. In past relationships, I showed up as an insecure wreck with my past.

Chris Armstrongrelationship coach and founder of Maze Of Love, says walking away from the relationship should be the last resort.

Here's what to do if your partner is selfish, according to experts

But if you feel like you and your partner have been in a lot of arguments lately, and you don't understand why, here are 13 s rslationship might be acting selfish in your romantic relationship. By Raven Ishak Aug. Giving and receiving are important for both people in the relationship.

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